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XXIV International Master in Plant Genetics, Genomics and Breeding











Plant breeding plays a key role in increasing crop yield and quality, by developing varieties that are adapted to the different environmental conditions, make better use of inputs and integrate them in environmentally and economically viable agricultural systems. This discipline has evolved to a complex science, integrating new genetic, genomic, molecular, cellular and computer-based tools into classical selection methods. It is therefore necessary to train young professionals and scientists to meet the challenges of the agriculture of the future.


Based on the expertise of internationally renowned lecturers and experts, this highly interdisciplinary master’s degree is completed over two years, full-time. The programme includes an engaging blend of face-to-face coursework, practicals, individual and group work, an independent research project, as well as visits to firms and research centres. Each edition the syllabus is fine-tuned to suit current issues in plant biotechnology, genomics and breeding.


This MSc programme is a truly enriching multicultural experience and a unique opportunity to network with professionals from all over the world and share practical experience on plant breeding, genetics, genomics, bioinformatics, as well as classical and advanced breeding methods.




Dates: October 2023 - June 2024.

Venue: CIHEAM Zaragoza (Spain).

Organizers: CIHEAM Zaragoza, University of Lleida, CBGP, ICARDA and Agrotecnio.

Application deadline: 2 May 2023.