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Management strategies to improve the resilience of Mediterranean forests




CIHEAM Zaragoza 










Mediterranean-type forests are highly diverse and complex socioecological systems with a rich history of deep interconnections with human populations, delivering a wide range of regulating, supporting, provisioning and cultural services. These benefits have prevailed for centuries even considering that, due to the climatic characteristics of the region, these forests are prone to a wide range of disturbances such as wildfires, droughts and pests.


Unfortunately, climate change and the associated shifts in the disturbance regimes coupled with profound socioeconomic changes are currently jeopardising the conservation of Mediterranean forests and delivery of their ecosystem services. Therefore there is an urgent need to develop management strategies to enhance forest resilience.


In light of these challenges, CIHEAM Zaragoza and CREAF organise this course to provide a thorough understanding of the threats, opportunities and challenges for Mediterranean forests in a context of global change, enabling participants to become familiar with the implementation of an operational framework to assess forest resilience.


The programme also intends to enhance skills in selecting the best management practices to cope with the main disturbances threatening forests in the Mediterranean region and update knowledge on the strategies and tools for the integration of these management practices to ensure forest resilience.


A unique opportunity to learn from leading international experts and share experiences with other professionals involved in the planning and management of forest ecosystems in Mediterranean areas.






Dates: 15-20 April 2024

Organisers: CIHEAM Zaragoza and CREAF

Venue: CIHEAM Zaragoza (Spain)

Modality: Hybrid

Application deadline: 28 January 2024. The deadline may be extended if places are available.





CIHEAM Zaragoza 

Universidad de Zaragoza