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Latest OECD agriculture work on climate, innovation, and digital




Aligning agriculture policies with market signals

While global agro-food markets are responding well to the challenge of feeding a growing world population, current policies are doing less well at addressing global challenges that include protecting the earth’s natural resources, addressing climate change, tackling malnutrition, and providing livelihoods for farmers and rural communities

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Enhancing Climate Change Mitigation through Agriculture 

This report uses global scale and farm scale analyses to evaluate both the effectiveness of different policy options to reduce agricultural emissions, and the impact on competitiveness, farm income, food security, and government finances. 


Digital Opportunities for Better Agricultural Policies 

Drawing on ten illustrative case studies and unique new data gathered via an OECD questionnaire on agri-environmental policy organisations' experiences with digital tools, this report explores opportunities to improve current agricultural and agri-environmental policies, and to deliver new, digitally enabled and information-rich policy approaches. 


Innovation, Productivity and Sustainability in Food and Agriculture 

This report contains the main findings and policy lessons gained from a series of wide-ranging country reviews on how government policies can improve sectoral productivity and sustainability through their impact on innovation, structural change, natural resource use, and climate change. 


Policies for encouraging healthier food choices 

This report briefly examines the evidence base on unhealthy diets, including the associated burden on health systems. It then takes stock of current knowledge on the effectiveness of policy instruments to tackle unhealthy diets and proposes a four-track policy approach to encourage healthier food choices that is consistent with wider objectives for the food and agriculture sector. 


More agriculture analysis from the OECD 

Explore our website to discover more videos, policy briefs, and topical research on agriculture, including on water and agriculture, agriculture and the environment, and policy monitoring and evaluation.

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